Best Meridian Point Massage

TCM Body Wellness Program

How often do we find ourselves wondering about the chemical ingredients in the products used in treatments. If you are in that frame of mind and on the lookout for something more traditional and natural, Body Contours has a treatment that fits the bill perfectly.
Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been and is still sought-after by many women in Singapore. In a bid to incorporate the best of what nature has to offer, Body Contours has designed a TCM Body Wellness Program. Using traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture point massages to improve your overall wellbeing, the treatment balances your internal energy, or qi, circulation through traditional healing methods to ensure the meridians in your body are unblocked.
This method of meridian regulation restores harmony to your body and this, in turn, detoxifies. This not only means fewer ailments and diseases, but an increased body metabolism that eventually aids in fat loss. The products used here are all natural and specially prepared using traditional Chinese herbal extracts. If you are inclined towards a holistic approach to body sculpting, free from artificial ingredients and chemicals, the TCM Body Wellness Program might just be the treatment you need. But most of all, it delays aging. Beauty is said to come from within. If this were true, we’d assume it must come from having healthy meridian flow.

KEY BENEFITS Why you should do this.

The therapists at Body Contours are trained by TCM physicians, so, fret not because you are in safe hands.
The TCM Body Wellness Program uses a natural essence that targets fatty tissue and speeds up your metabolism, effectively helping to rid your body of fat.
Because the treatment restores harmony to your body through meridian regulation, your body goes through a detox, making you less prone to ailments.
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