Set in tranquil modern settings in Sunny Singapore, Body Contour’s guests enjoy lush pampering in our exquisitely appointed treatment rooms and luxurious private suites for couples. Guests will be spoilt for choice by our wide range of spa pampering treatments and programmes.

Massage is often lauded as the most therapeutic form of touch. It can help promote better blood circulation, aid the body’s detoxification abilities and enhance overall wellness and energy levels. Massage also helps the body’s natural healing process by soothing tense muscles, alleviating water and toxic retention symptoms as well as relieving of body aches.

Relax and let our experienced therapists pamper your body and spirit with our selection of massages from around the world. Choose from our signature ZING range of spa therapies; The ZING ‘Qi’,’Le’ and ‘Ning’ series. Indulge in our Japanese White Tea Spa Treatment and clear your body of toxins with our Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

ZING Massage Therapy Series

Body Contour in collaboration with ZING by Eu Yan Sang

We believe in striving for excellence by improving our offerings to provide for the total lifestyle needs for our customers. With this goal in mind, we have specially collaborated with Zing by Eu Yan Sang to present you with a series of bespoke massage treatments for a truly therapeutic discovery.

Indulge in the true power of essential oils with its unique healing properties, and customized massage techniques to calm and soothe your mind and body. Leave the hectic world behind as calming sounds, hypnotic aromas and long, flowing massage strokes transport you into a state of complete tranquillity. Choose from our Zing series of custom-made massage therapies for a complete renewal experience.

  • ZING img_zing_qi Energy Flow / Life Force
    Promotes concentration and mental alertness
    Increases energy and improves your mood
  • ZING img_zing_le Happiness / Joy
    Relieves tension and anxiety
    Generates inner peace and happiness
  • ZING img_zing_ning Peaceful / Tranquil
    Soothes tiredness and ease the mind for tranquillity
    Promotes relaxation and better sleep

Japanese White Tea Spa

This therapy consists of an antioxidant spa wrap using warm Natural Honey and grinded Japanese White Tea leaves (top grade white tea powder), followed by a soothing back massage. This therapy not only helps to improve detoxification and encourage new cell growth, it also does wonder for enhancing blood circulation. Skin moisture is replenished and skin texture is lightened and firmed.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins from our tissues as well as the production of cells that are part of the immune system. The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage healing technique works by stimulating our lymph glands and vessels, helping to detoxify and boost our immune system. It is also effective in improving skin tone and promoting overall relaxation.

Pre-natal therapies help pregnant mothers to relax and soothe tensed and tired muscles, especially in the lower back which is often affected and stressed by the extra weight of the body. Massage therapy enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone and relieves mental and physical fatigue. A pregnant mother experiencing water retention, leg cramps, lower back pain, breathing difficulty, insomnia and anxiety; needs to relax.  

Massage therapies are customized for the comfort, safety and special needs of pregnant women to relieve leg, hips and back pain, reduce swelling and promote faster postpartum recovery.

New mothers can indulge in postnatal home confinement therapy immediately after natural childbirth. The professionally trained therapist will treat the new mother with postnatal recovery massage at her own home for five consecutive days. The five days of intensive postnatal natural birth home confinement therapy consists of traditional hermus wraps and unique postnatal massage therapies that help the body to restore the abdominal muscle wall and the uterus to its prenatal stage. The sea salt detox and herbal steam bath will aid to reduce the water retention and fatigue from the body.

Postnatal massage focuses on helping to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition by retraining muscles and connective tissue. It plays a part to realign the body weight to its original distribution, helps to reinstate the uterus to its original state, eliminates excess body fluids and tones the over stretched areas of skin especially over the abdomen.

Spinal Correction Techniques and Proxomed Rehabilitation are also used to speed up the mother’s recovery process and keep her spine healthy and strong.