Flaunt a shapely and well-defined silhouette effortlessly with Body Contour’s advanced weight loss slimming therapies; featuring the latest and most advanced in body slimming, shaping and sculpting. Break down and dispel excess adipose (fat) tissues, improve your body’s detoxification abilities, boost a sluggish metabolic rate and banish the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

Featuring state-of-the-art weight loss, slimming and body sculpting technologies, our signature slimming treatments include the award-winning TCM Body Wellness Therapy, the holistic Thalasso Therapy, the unique Bio Fango Firming Treatment, the luxurious Alissi Gold Wrap and the V-Slim Therapy which makes use of sophisticated 4-in-1 technology to achieve optimal results.

Try one of our treatments today. It’s a woman’s prerogative to look and feel absolutely beautiful and confident.

TCM Body Wellness

This award-winning treatment is based on centuries-old TCM Acupoint Massage principles and concepts. TCM Massage is primarily focused on the 12 meridians and acupoints, where Qi gathers and can be easily manipulated. Any blockage of the meridians causes a slowed down metabolic process, pain, and is intimately connected with many health problems. The key functions of acupressure therapy are to regulate and strengthen the spleen and stomach, boost the digestive system and relieve water retention to lose weight.

Our TCM Body Wellness Therapy uses all natural traditional Chinese herbal extracts in our Acupoint Massages, to smoothen the energy (Qi) flow along the meridians, helping to restore harmony and rejuvenation of the cells. Key results include the purging of toxins from the body, weight loss and anti-ageing effects. An overall improvement in well-being and vitality will also be visible.

TCM Body Wellness

A spot reduction sculpting therapy which is most effective on the tummy and thigh areas, it is recommended for customers who want to remove toxins and reshape these problematic areas. At the end of the session, your body would achieve overall calm and balance.

The treatment starts with an invigorating scrub followed by slimming ampoules delivered to the deepest layers of the skin to help dissolve and break down stubborn fats. A super firming and slender cream is used with our special slimming massage technique to restore firmness. Finally, a sculpting mask with firming and draining properties is applied on the targeted area to help firm up the skin and reduce water retention.

TCM Body Wellness

A draining and firming body treatment using active Bio Fango mud, it stimulates, restructures and reaffirms the dermal tissues. Bio Fango mud is a natural detoxifier and has a superb draining action on the body’s water retention areas. Composing of an extraordinary mixture of plankton, spirulinas algae, cocoa and thermal water, the Bio Fango Mask is well known for its firming properties and is most suitable to be used in the tummy or buttocks area.

The Bio Fango Firming Treatment helps skin that is experiencing problems like lacklustre tone, localised flabbiness, cellulite, obesity, sudden weight gain or post-pregnancy weight gain, to regain firmness and elasticity. In a few sessions, it restores, tones and regains elasticity to the skin, helping to recover all of its vitality.

TCM Body Wellness

The vital ingredients of the Alissi Gold Wrap are the 24K gold powder, pearl powder and vitamin C. The treatment starts with a 45min manual lymphatic massage using warm gold blended ingredients; topping it off with a gold wrap, with the 24K gold and pearl powder infused into the skin for maximum benefits. Gold wraps, as a result of its regeneration properties, achieve visible results by injecting new life and vitality to dull skin.

It has anti-ageing effects, providing firmness, luminosity and nourishment to the skin. The Gold Wrap also revitalises and reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, enhancing blood circulation and whitening.

TCM Body Wellness

The unique 4-in-1 Technology (Infra-Red, Radio Frequency, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage) is a clinically proven non-invasive .It is effective for circumferential and cellulite reduction.

The Infra-Red light and Radio Frequency work together to shrink fat cells, the Vacuum provides improved circulation, and the Mechanical massage provides lymphatic drainage to the dermal and hypodermal layers of the tissues. In summary, this slimming treatment works by increasing the metabolism of stored energy and the lymphatic drainage process, resulting in visible inch loss.

The underlying principles of weight loss are easy to understand – eat less and exercise more. However, like many things that may seem easy, losing weight is much more complex than it sounds and it has always been a challenging quest to attain. We personally design our weight loss plans to be the most widespread – these extensive programs utilize successful and proven weight loss techniques, not limited to the use of appetite suppressants and Acupuncture Guasha.

Using a traditional specialized tool, our dedicated therapists will gently Guasha over the problem area as a deep massage after the needle-less acupuncture with slimming stem-cell.

Our treatments not only target on weight loss but also provide immediate pain relief and alleviate stiffness too. Guasha is valuable in the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illnesses, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many other acute or chronic disorders.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), balancing the Chi promotes blood circulation and removes toxic heat, stagnant blood and lymph fluid from the body as well as regain your resistance against stress, which all effects on weight loss.