With environmental ravages and pollution, compounded by the hectic modern lifestyle, having healthy skin can be a real challenge. At Body Contour, we entrusted ourselves with the mission in sourcing and developing a skin care system that can overcome this challenge.

All products on shelf are formulated using the latest state of the art technology in skincare; combined with extensive scientific innovations, designed to repair, protect and restore the skin to its optimum health. We want only the best for your skin.


Alissi Brontë laboratory specializes in Natural Cosmetics. The result of more than 44 years of experience and research in the field of Biochemistry and International Cosmetology.

Alissi Brontë has been developing exclusive formulas based on natural aromatic essences, botanical extracts and hot springs with an exceptional concentration to create unique, personalized beauty treatments and natural cosmetics.

Alissi Brontë avoided all use of artificial chemical compounds because she believes the richness of nature gives the highest quality ingredients and effectiveness for the wide range of the products, obtaining extraordinary results that can be seen.

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